Post-game Reactions

It’s no wonder why pro athletes hire pseudo secretaries to handle all the ticket requests. Aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, taxi drivers, friends’ friends, barbers — they all want a piece of you. The best seats, more importantly, for free make today’s ballers quite popular as the Playoffs advance.

And you thought that caused a burden on athletes’ families.

Here’s the Perkins situation. Based on our exclusive CelticsHub.com investigative report, Kendrick Perkins has a cousin named Kenny who may or may not be a Bulls fan.

After the Greatest Series concluded with the Celtics winning in 7 games, it’s fair to say that Thanksgiving might be a little awkward around the Perkins household.

Let the evidence, eloquently visible on Kenny’s Facebook profile, do the talking:

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Rich Keefe

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  • Sam

    Hope Perk slaps him around some. Must be the milkmans kid.

  • PJ (slam)

    He should fear the Beast

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