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Trying to appreciate history–and failing (sort of)

I am beginning to feel about this series like a drug addict must feel when he’s ready to enter serious rehab. It started out as innocent fun, we experienced some unthinkable highs, but now I’m coming down and I’m ready for it to be over. My friends and loved ones would like to see me at some point. For god’s sake, the Houston-Portland game was in the third quarter by the time this game ended. I have to start blocking out four hours just to watch these games.

Everyone says you should step back and appreciate history while it’s happening. That worked through Game 5. I am no longer appreciating history. I just want the series to be over. And it was over. It felt over. I am still not sure what happened. I know it involved Brad Miller, and that Tony Allen was taking pressure shots for some reason. I may have dreamt that last part. 

I am developing an irrational hatred toward everything about Chicago. I snapped at a close friend from Chicago  when he made a crack about Ray Allen  in our fantasy baseball chat room during Game 5. (The crack, for the record, was: “Ray Allen = glorified Craig Hodges.” I told him he was stupid. I am 31 years old and I called another grown man–my friend–stupid. But, yeah, I guess Game 6 sort of ended the argument about Walter Ray Allen). I ignored a text message one of my closest friends–a non-serious Bulls fan–sent me during the first quarter tonight. It said “Go Bulls.” I just didn’t respond. Now I feel awkward. Oh well. That’s playoff basketball, I guess. 

A few other random thoughts are below. Brian Robb is going to bring you real analysis later if he’s even alive right now.

• Glen Davis was huge in this game. He had 13 points in the last 8:00 of regulation and the three overtimes combined. I am terrified that Vinny will realize at some point during Game 7 that the Celtics cannot score against the Bulls small line-up because Doc replaces Davis with Tony Allen. I hope no one tells Vinny this, or else he may, you know, play the small line-up more.

• The Celtics designed some beautiful pressure plays tonight–the two that set up long jumpers for House and Allen (with their feet on the line) were particularly nice. And I suppose I can’t criticize the C’s for using Pierce on isolations at the end of the first overtime when he canned all those shots in Game 5. It’s just that when the shots don’t fall, the plays look ugly. But you can’t have it both ways.

• John Salmons. Just killed us. Murdered Pierce off the dribble. 

• Here is Rajon Rondo’s shot chart for the game:

He just couldn’t get in the paint tonight. There were none of those plays where he guns it in transition and lays it in over two back-pedaling Bulls. I’m not sure why he couldn’t attacking the paint, and lord knows I’m not re-watching this game now. Rose did seem to play an additional step or two off of him, and it helps (from Chicago’s perspective) when you make half your shots. 

That’s it for now. More later from people who are not me.

  • Tom

    That game was too much.

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  • Yup, I was certainly unable to enjoy that one, Tom. Agonizing, stressful, etc

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  • You have the same irrational responses to this series/friends comments as I do. That's probably why I always check out this blog before the other Celtics blogs. Keep up the good work fellas.

    Until Game 7 (two greatest words in sports) I will be walking around in a tizzy. It's a good thing there's only one work day thrown in there.

    My questions after that game. Why didn't Rondo attack the rim? It looked to me that it was more of the fact that he just didn't do it; not that the Bulls stopped him from doing it. With KG out Rondo has to put up more than 8 points when a game goes into 3OT. The 19 assists is amazing though.

    Side note: Rondo needs to be more controlled & mature in situations like the scuffle with Hinrich. While the fault certainly doesn't fall entirely on either of their shoulders, Rondo started for a NBA Finals Championship team. He needs to learn to keep his head when emotions run high.

    Moving on, near the end when Pierce was unable to get his shot to drop, why didn't the Celtics do whatever necessary to get Ray a shot? He dropped 40+ in regulation. I don't accept the excuse that his legs were tired. On the play where Rose rejected Rondo, Ray was right behind the arc, right behind Rondo (who didn't see him) and Ray had an open shot.

  • jason

    Well, Mr Lowe. No matter what happens tonight, you will have stories for the grandkids about where you were for game 7 of the greatest first round series in NBA history. Good luck to the Cs and congrats on your success in the blogosphere (yeah, I was looking for updates on your old blog until this past week. Oh well…)

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