Post-game Reactions

After a few days of reading article after article by people who dissect games for a living, I was surprised to see that no one (at least that I could find) was discussing an exchange between the Bulls’ Tyrus Thomas and Glen Davis. In the third quarter with Celtics up by 24 points, Tyrus Thomas nearly mugged Paul Pierce and then was a hit with a technical foul after pushing Glen Davis. Thomas looked infuriated and Davis stood there with his arms up looking between Thomas and the Ref as if to say, “Hey, what did I do?”

Most people would see this as harmless, passionate basketball by a frustrated player whose team is getting decimated; and it more than likely is. However, what makes this exchange more interesting is the fact that Glen Davis and Tyrus Thomas used to be teammates at LSU. What’s more, is that they played similar positions and Davis even referred to Thomas as his “brother.”

It appears that signs may point to an impending rivalry between these two power forwards. If we take an even closer look, we can see that the payers current situation almost begs for one:

– the first two games of this series have been slug fests and Davis and Thomas are their teams respective starting power forwards

– both teams are in the Eastern Conference, thus meeting at least three times a year (perfect for a best of three season series)

– the Bulls are an up-and-coming team while the Celtics are the defending NBA Champs, which strangely mirrors…

– at LSU, Thomas was the up-and-coming player with loads of potential while Davis was the established star and fan favorite

Playoff basketball is about intensity and Thomas is more than likely just playing intense basketball. But pushing your older brother on the court may lead to some repercussions. Whatever happens, I think it’ll ultimately end up good-natured and respectful. That being said, who doesn’t like nice, friendly, sibling rivalry?

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