Post-game Reactions

Gotta love the Captain’s mindset. Per the Globe:

“Personally, I don’t want to come back to Chicago,” Pierce said after a 1 1/2-hour practice at DePaul University Saturday. “We had a good day of practice.

“I’m treating this game like we lost Game 3. So, it’s going to be my mindset to go out here and win Game 4 and, hopefully, put it away at home.”

As for Joakim Noah, he really wants to you to know something. He’s not intimidated. The AP:

“They play physical,” Noah added, “but who’s intimidated? Because they won by a lot of points, we’re intimidated? I don’t feel like we’ve been intimidated by them at all.”

To which I ask: Could the Celtics possibly be intimidated by this:

Now, let’s go get Game 4. 

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