Post-game Reactions

Per the Globe:

Celtics forward Leon Powe suffered a torn ACL and meniscus in his left knee Monday night and will miss the remainder of the playoffs.

Powe had an MRI after injuring the knee in the second quarter of the Celtics’ 118-115 victory over the Bulls in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series. The injury was originally diagnosed as a sprain, but the Celtics apparently received worse news today. Powe is expected to have surgery soon.

“Leon has an ACL tear and meniscus,” said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. “He’ obviously out for the playoffs, Surgery will be determined when it’s determined. So obviously a tough break.”

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Brian Robb

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  • LucasX

    This is a sad day. This young man works his butt off every day, and he gets paid pretty much just over the league minimum. His numbers were looking pretty good so far this year and he is nice guy to keep on the roster. Nice to have someone who isn't getting caught with a gun at the airport, driving drunk, slapping his wife around or having some kind of possession with intent to sell problems.

    He is a free-agent next year, and according to league rules, when a player declares for free agency his team must make an offer plus a set amount for that player. I really do not know if this is "required" or not. But right now his marketing future is pretty limited. I really hope that the C's have some dignity and give this young man a little help in his current situation. Brian Scalabrine makes about 4 times Powe's salary and he has been hanging around in the waiting room for the injury of the month club for a very long time. I read where Leon played for 3 minutes with the torn ACL. I wonder if Brian is still seeing visions or hearing noises while he collects his 3.2 Million this year.