Post-game Reactions

The Herald is reporting that (OMG!) KG was spotted on the practice floor today dribbling a basketball for “less than four minutes.” Here, read this:

This afternoon, Garnett walked onto the Celtics practice floor at their practice facility in Waltham with strength coach Bryan Doo. While trainer Ed Lacerte sat at the far end of the court, Garnett, in practice gear, dribbled as he walked around the perimeter of the court.

The entire visible process took less than four minutes, after which Garnett, Doo and Lacerte walked through a door that leads to the weight room.

This is (mildly) interesting, because the paper is also reporting that Doc Rivers has requested that KG delay surgery–something that, if true, sort of contradicts an earlier Herald story (h/t: CelticsBlog) which reported that KG was eyeing a date to have surgery on his knee. (Note: That story doesn’t say exactly what kind of surgery KG would like to have or what part of his knee would be operated on. Bone spurs? The popliteus tendon? I ask again: What exactly is wrong with Kevin Garnett’s knee?)

When newspapers are reporting that KG dribbled a basketball for a couple of minutes, we may have reached the point of over-saturation. I don’t think Doc is playing head games when he says KG isn’t coming back. This (courtesy of the Globe) is pretty emphatic:

“Guys, Kevin is not playing in this playoffs,” said Rivers. “I’m not answering Kevin Garnett questions. I didn’t even notice, honestly, until someone told me that he wasn’t on the bench [in the second half], and I couldn’t care less. You know, hell, he was on the bench in the first half and we were down eight points. So, you know, this is about the players in uniform. Kevin is gone. And he ain’t coming back. The guys in the uniform have to play.”

But, of course, I hope I’m wrong.

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