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Game One Quotes of the Day

Perk in the Herald: “As long as we have the Truth and Ray Allen, we’ll be all right.”

Doc describes an anonymous coach’s reaction to the Ainge news (via Herald): “I got calls from friends and coaches,” Rivers said. “One of them – I won’t tell you his name – said, ‘We’re (expletived). Danny Ainge doesn’t drink. He goes to sleep at a reasonable hour. He takes care of himself, and this happens. Look at us. We’re screwed!’

Doc (via Globe) on the craziness of Thursday: ‘‘For an hour and a half [Thursday], it wasn’t a lot of fun around here. The Danny thing clearly puts the Kevin thing, for me, in perspective. But [Ainge] is doing much better and he just needs rest — from me and everyone else. It scared the heck out of me. We made the Kevin decision and, literally, within 10 minutes the next thing follows — when someone calls you and tells you a guy had a heart attack, it scares the hell out of you. Because, usually, they stop — the pause is what killed me, because, obviously you think the worst. So, he’s lucky. I texted him that I had steamed spinach instead of creamed spinach.”

Steamed instead of creamed…Doc can be a pretty funny guy sometimes.

As usual around here, the Captain gets the last word (via Globe): “We still believe that we can win the championship and that’s our goal.”

Love the attitude. This is going to be fun…

  • Jewls

    I think the bulls are tougher then most people think. In fact the Bulls will expose some of Boston worts. I don't think they will beat the Celtic. The Bulls atlhetism will give the celitc fists. Without Kevin the Celtic are very non-athletic. The will run up and down on them too. Noah, Tyson, Salomon,Thomas are long and versatile players that will give the now small front court Celtic problems.