Post-game Reactions

  • Cavaliers clobber Celtics: After every 3-pointer, every dunk and every block, LeBron James turned and glared at Boston’s bench. The message was clear: Not here. James made five 3-pointers and scored 29 points before dancing in his seat, and the Cleveland Cavaliers throttled the NBA champions 107-76 on Sunday to move within one win of matching the 1985-86 Celtics for the best home record in league history. [Boston Globe]
  • Cavs found success with missing piece: The highlight of the 2003 NBA draft was Cleveland selecting LeBron James No. 1 overall out of high school. Forty-six players later, Utah selected a very disappointed Alabama guard, Mo Williams. While James has more than lived up to the hype since coming to the NBA, the addition of Williams this season has taken the Cavaliers to a higher level, one they believe will lead to their first championship. [Boston Globe]
  • Cavaliers play tune on Celtics: The Celtics, who have lost their last nine games (playoffs included) in Cleveland, now get to file away memory of this humiliation, just in case the expected happens and they return for the Eastern Conference finals.The memory of the Cavs and their fans lost in such revelry, according to Ray Allen, will be a great tool. [Boston Herald]
  • Anderson Varejao gets Ray Allen angry: Allen claims that Varejao threw him to the ground. Varejao claims that Allen elbowed him in the groin area while springing back up from the floor. Each player received a technical foul. “He doesn’t like Brazilians or maybe he doesn’t like my hair,” Varejao said after the Celtics’ 107-76 loss. “You don’t hit a man in his (groin area). But I’m OK.” [Boston Herald]
  • Seeing stars’ value: The Cavaliers won’t be able to use yesterday’s game tape as a much of a scouting tool. Then again, LeBron James doesn’t think he’ll need one. The Celtics have been running some different things without Kevin Garnett, and the improvement of others may offer opponents a changeup – yesterday’s 107-76 obliteration at the hands of the Cavs notwithstanding. But James doesn’t believe the Celts will be hard to decipher should he meet them in the conference finals. [Boston Herald]
  • Celtics not in fightin’ mood: The coach blew any chance the Celtics had by not keeping his team sequestered from the outside world Saturday night and yesterday morning. Once his lads knew they were assured of the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference after Orlando’s loss at New Jersey, the only mystery here was the margin of defeat. Environmental experts will have to decide whether the economic benefits of 20,562 willing consumers outweighed the drain on our natural resources. [Boston Herald]
  • The Elbow Incident: Now, did Ray’s reaction look pretty dirty? Yeah, it looked pretty bad. Here’s the thing though, he wasn’t even looking at Anderson and he threw the elbow back, probably hoping to catch him in the gut and …well, missed. Clearly he didn’t make any solid contact or the man would be doubled over in pain (one would think). [CelticsBlog]
  • Stock up, stock down in 2009 [WEEI.com]
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