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This is actually more even-handed then I thought it’d be, but NBA Fanhouse (which, as you might have heard, featured a post a month ago in which Sactown Royalty’s great blogger Tom Ziller called the Celtics “dirty”) has a post up suggesting Ray Allen should have been ejected for his elbow to Anderson Varejao’s nether-regions (video below–see the 1:11 mark), and saying the league may fine or suspend Ray. 

As I said in my recap, the elbow was indeed an unnecessary, sort of dirty move, but I don’t think Ray was aiming for Varejao’s groin. (CelticsBlog agrees, and gets the h/t for pointing me to the Fanhouse post). He’s never been that kind of player. I think he was frustrated with how the game was going and over-reacted to getting tangled up with Varejao. Did Varejao swing his right arm in way he knew would send Ray to the floor? I think so, but that doesn’t justify the elbow–at least not quite (though Varejao is an irritating, irritating player, and I mean that with a combination of fondness and hatred). 

Here’s the video. Judge for yourself. (Is it me, or just Varejao shout the “b” word at about :44 second mark?):

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  • I agree that the Celtics are the new thugs of the NBA. KG is a total hood. Rondo will probably do time someday. Pierce is dying to get back LA gang-bangin.

    The image I will have of the celtics for years is KG on the bench making his tough-guy face whenever the celtics score. Hey KG you dont look tough with those lovely earings!

    Go Cavs, Go Hawks, go anybody but the Cs. They are a bunch of hoods.