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A few morning links to hold everyone over as I watch the Tony Allen reverse dunk alleyoop on repeat for the rest of my morning.

Marc Spears has a piece on the importance of the Celtics earning the 2nd seed to make life more difficult for the Magic in a potential 2nd round match up:

Rivers would rather use his key players, like Allen and Paul Pierce, to lock up the No. 2 seed than to give them added rest before the postseason.

“If you can get home court, you’ve got to get it. It’s a no-brainer,” Rivers said.

Said Pierce, “That’s fine with me. I thought even last year when we sat a lot we weren’t as sharp going into the playoffs. So maybe it will keep us sharp, especially going into the first round, if we continue to play.”

It’s funny to note how Doc has toed the line towards the end of the year on whether the 2nd seed matters. In the final stretch here, it’s nice to know Doc will have to team going full steam ahead to secure that spot. Playing with a sense of urgency to the end will hopefully help the C’s come out strong for the 1st round this year. Celtics Hub will have a post later today breaking down potential 1st round matchups in the East.

Steve Bulpett of the Herald has Danny Ainge’s thoughts on potentially losing top assistant and defensive mastermind Tom Thibodeau after this season:

“He didn’t really ask for more than a one year, so I think he’s hopeful of getting a head coaching job,” said Ainge. “If he doesn’t, I’m sure he’ll be able to find any job he wants.

“I don’t think the years make that much difference. If we had a two-year deal or a three-year deal or a four-year deal, if he gets a (head coaching) job, he can go anyway.”

Which might make it a bit odd that he seeks just one-year deals here. It is possible, Ainge allowed, that Thibodeau is leaving the door open for a lateral move.

“If you feel confident that you can get a job and you have a lot of options every year, I think that’s smart just in case you want to make a change,” Ainge said. “It keeps his flexibility.

“He might want to (make a change). You never know. He’s like a free agent coach every year.”

Personally I am shocked we were able to hold on to him for an extra year for this season giving the success of the C’s defense. The C’s will clearly miss him but if anyone deserves a shot at a coaching gig, it’s Thibodeau.

A couple excerpts from the Globe’s Celtics Blog First some thoughts from Scal and Doc about number 44 being back in uniform last night:

“I’ve missed it a lot,” Scalabrine said. “That’s why I’m going out there. I’m going to do some rebounding for the fellas during layup lines.”

Rivers joked, “I’m sick of his outfits, they’re distracting, on the sidelines. So we told him, ‘Put a uniform on because we have an extra spot.’ “

Finally a ballsy statement by Rondo after another impressive effort from those off the Celtics pine:

“We have the best bench in the league.”

They have been playing better Rajon, and I like the confidence but let’s wait till we at least get Leon Powe back before we make statements like that.

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