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Right now, Eddie House has taken 317 three-point shots and made 43.8 percent of them. If he can get on the tiniest of hot streaks and push that percentage over 44, he’ll become just the 12th player in league history to take at least 320 threes and make 44 percent. (Yes, I know 44 percent is an arbitrary number, but you’ve got to pick something). Only Steve Nash (three times) has done this more than once. Here’s the full list, sorted by three-point attempts in descending order, with the attempts in yellow and the number of makes to the immediate left. (Click on the link above for the full stats of each player, and keep in mind the league didn’t introduce the three until ’79-80).

Arbitrary round numbers or not, that’s a pretty solid list for Eddie to (possibly) join. Whether he does or not, he’s had a great, great season shooting the ball.

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  • Jason

    Thing is he could be a shoe-in for this list already had he played a little differently this year. Let me first note, I'm a huge Eddie fan. Still, and this is only a nit and I'm only going off of my sense from watching the games, but when the game has been decided, sometimes he'll gun or force the shot a little and his accuracy drops. In all fairness, when the game is still a game, he rarely does this, thankfully, but when being selfish won't affect the outcome, yeah I've seen him try to get his. If he had avoided those unnecessarily forced shots, his percentage would already be higher.

    Let's say for instance he avoided just 10 forced shots all season, 2 of which actually did go in. His percentage would be 44.63% instead of 43.85%. It would also eclipse Ainge's Celtics single-season record of 44.27%.

    BTW, if Eddie gets his average shots over the final 5 games, he'll heave 21 more 3s this year. To get the Celts record he'll need to hit 11 (52.4%) of them. Likely? Maybe. Possible? Definitely.

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  • grover

    It's not all that arbitrary. If you take 44% from three and convert it to true shooting percentage, you wind up with TS% of 66.

    You have the equivalent of a guy who makes two out of every three 2pt shots. Teams would be thrilled to have a center who could do that for a whole season!

  • Matt


  • Matt


  • Jason

    Three of four tonight definitely helps. He's at 44.24% now.

    BTW, I forgot to mention (even as a big Eddie fan) another peeve of mine of his – the toe on the line 3. UGH!!! I mean it's at least one a game, sometimes three. How many points has he lost when 3s are now 2s and how many 3-point attempts and makes has it cost him on his stat sheet?

    On the one hand, I know he could undermine his balance (which is vital) if he was trying to force his feet behind the line, but still can't you run off your screens or whatever just a few inches deeper/wider and avoid the 23-foot 2 pointer? Aggravating.

    Still, anytime he's out near the line and I anticipate even the slightest daylight for him to launch (and if there is, he usually does), I'm already standing up off the couch, one arm in the air yelling "HIT THAT!"

    Rondo has plenty of moves and stellar plays. Ray, Pierce and KG of course do too, as do just about all the C's, but Eddie probably delivers the most consistent per minute excitement on this team, for me at least.

    Every minute he's on the floor, I'm just eager to see the ball head in his direction, when a shot looks to be developing, when it leaves his hand and you're waiting for the net to rip? Yeah, and he does that 4 times a game, in limited minutes.

    Tonight, there were good plays all around, but the only time I got animated was the TA alley oop and the handful of bombs Eddie let fly (he the couple he missed). His release is even faster than Ray's, which is saying something in and of itself. Plus, it really just looks like he's shot put flinging it he gets rid of it so fast and yet it's still a mechanical thing of beauty and he knocks it down over and over, from all spots, with guys in his jersey, whatever. Bang, bang, bang Eddie's got 9 points in 2 minutes and changed the game (either getting the C's back in or putting a game out of reach).

    Did I mention I'm a huge Eddie fan? And I haven't even mentioned his improved ball handling, full-effort defense, very good decision-making and of course his bench celebrations.

  • I think the sentiment here can best be expressed this way: I LOVE ME SOME EDDIE HOUSE!!

    Yeah, he'll force a frustrating look every now and then…but that ain't changing. If he hits threes at this clip in the post-season, he's a huge, huge asset. (duh).

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