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Me: Yes it is. 

We all know Stein is as plugged in as any reporter covering the NBA, and his Weekend Dime has Boston among the possible NBA teams willing to sign AI on the cheap. He points out that a) the Celtics expressed interest about Iverson in 2006; and b) their signing of Marbury shows they are willing to take on malcontents with talent. The veteran locker room leadership, the title already in the bag–all that stuff is supposed to overwhelm any lingering selfishness. 

Two other disclaimers from Stein. He concedes (and as a reporter myself in my regular job, I appreciate this) that the Boston mention is based only on “an educated guess from one of my guys who knows his stuff.” I’d like a bit more on who that “guy” is–a league exec? An assistant coach? Also: Stein seems to premise any Boston interest in AI on the condition that the C’s fail to win the title this season.

I don’t see this coming anywhere close to happening. First, Iverson’s already on a team that a) has won a title with most of the nucleus that’s already there and b) has some veteran guys who are respected around the league, though no one with KG’s stature/intensity/insanity. And all we’ve seen this year suggests that, even in such an environment, Iverson cannot deal with playing a limited role. Yes, his field goal attempts and his scoring are down, and I believe he’s willing to be a 15-point scorer/penetrator/distributor on a winning team. 

But that’s not what he’d be in Boston. Barring some unexpected production, he’d be Marbury, someone who plays 12 minutes a game as the lead ball-handler off the bench. He played that role for two games in Detroit and announced he’d rather retire than do it.

Throw in the fact that the C’s need to focus on signing Big Baby and/or Powe, and I don’t see it.

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