Post-game Reactions

This whole Boston-Orlando pseudo-rivalry picked up some steam this week with Orlando’s victory, Stan Van Gundy’s comments, some classic Red’s Army Orlando-bashing, etc. So my ears perked up when I flipped over to the Magic-Bucks game last night and heard the Orlando announcers disparaging our beloved, long-time C’s Mikki Moore and Stephon Marbury. 

About Mikki Moore: The announcers “wouldn’t feel good about Moore playing the P.J. Brown role.” Oh, and he fouls too much. They said Mikki’s fouls are unnecessary and silly “love taps.” This is the greatest injustice against a Celtic big man since someone said Travis Knight was overpaid.

About Steph: If the announcers were Boston, they wouldn’t feel good about Steph playing “the so-called back-up point guard role.” Note the “so-called.” 

I seldom pay attention to announcers unless they are really good, terrible or a famous ex-player such as Dominique in Atlanta. But I believe Orlando’s main TV crew is still David Steele and Matt “Matty” Guokas. Matty Guokas got into a brawl with Sam Jones during the ’67 Eastern Division Finals between Philly and Boston, so he’s obviously an anti-Celtic zealout who cannot be trusted. 

Tommy Heinsohn is far, far too classy for such insulting talk.

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