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Marc Spears of the Globe follows up this morning on Rajon Rondo who sprained his left ankle yet again in the first quarter of the loss against Orlando last night. Rondo sounded optimistic about not missing time when speaking about the injury in the post game:

“I feel bad. It hurts,” Rondo said. “I played on adrenaline really. When I first got up I was cool and I wanted to make the free throw and I just keep playing. It’s both ankles now. What’s killing me is it seems like I just step on somebody’s shoe or someone steps on my foot. It’s not like someone is coming at me spraining my ankles.

“I plan on playing [against Atlanta]. I have a long day to rest [today]. I will ice both of them when I get there tomorrow and stay off my heat.”

This episode brings my unofficial count of Rondo sprained ankles in the month of March to three when you include the fact he injured it in the Chicago game on St Patty’s Day. Rajon is clearly a trooper by playing through the hurt but I am growing alarmed by how often this injury is recurring in the last few weeks for the Celtics point guard.

During a month when the Celtics are supposed to be getting healthy, Rondo aggravating this injury every week or so makes me concerned. I hope Doc and his staff are monitoring the situation closely so it doesn’t turn into something more serious or linger into the playoffs. In fact it would not shock me to see Doc go the cautious route here and sit Rondo for a game or two down the stretch, so it heals fully.

If Rondo goes down for any extended period during the playoffs, the Celtics know they can kiss a Championship goodbye. Any potential Rondo absence also becomes more glaring when you consider how little progress Stephon Marbury has shown in his play so far. Like Zach noted in last night’s recap Marbury did not even see the floor in the 2nd half of last night’s loss, so it’s clear Doc is lacking confidence in Starbury’s play as well against elite competition right now.

All things considered it is definitely a situation to keep an eye on for Celtics fans in the next couple weeks.

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Brian Robb

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  • Do you think Rondo repeatedly spraining his ankles has anything to do with the fact that he wears low-cut basketball sneakers?

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  • I think it's a possibility he's more vulnerable to them because of it. I don't see any kind of footwear change coming though unless its recommended by a doctor

  • I'm worried that Rondo's ankles are more of a telltale sign of his future (repeated ankle injuries a la Ginobili) than his ever-improving jump shot.

  • Next time include sources please =)