Post-game Reactions

Whether it’s a case of saying the right things to the press or not, the C’s, from stars to role players, are not dismissing tonight’s Orlando game with the “it’s just a regular season game” mantra they’ve used before the other Games of the Year. 

Some samples:

Ray Allen in the Globe“We’ve been talking about Cleveland and Orlando all year. [The Magic] beat us last time here on our floor, so this is a big game for us.”

Perk: “It would mean a lot just to have the edge over them. Last year it was opposite; they were 2-1 over us.

Big Baby: “It’s a huge game; every game is huge. [Tonight] is not just a game. We have to go out there and win.

Other the other side, here’s Stan Van Gundy to the AP (via the Herald): “Homecourt, I think it’s huge. Every day, you’re playing for something.”

And there’s Doc, doing some nice double talk in the same piece: “We would like to have it, but for us, health is far more important. If you aren’t going to get the first seed, we want to be healthy, that’s the way we look at it. Obviously, we would like it and we’re going to play for it, but we feel we can win anywhere.”

I think he’s got all his bases covered, yes? 

One other note: KG is expected to play the same 15-20 minutes tonight, so the bench is going to have to play better than it did against the Clippers. I expect it will.

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