Post-game Reactions

A few morning notes:

• If you watched the tip off, I’m sure you noticed KG’s obsessive compulsive disorder was on full display. He was yelling at the C’s bench because something was missing from the bench area that KG needed to either wipe his hands or his shoes. He basically refused to go onto the court for a full minute as the rest of the players stood around and said their greetings. The Globe has the explanation today:

The panic-stricken Garnett was looking for the sticky mat he wipes his sneakers on before stepping onto the court before every game. It’s well-known that the superstar does not like to change routines, but he last played a game at TD Banknorth Garden on Feb. 8, so you can excuse the arena’s event staff if they’d forgotten just how he likes things.


• KG is also feeling some fatigue, which is not surprising, and the Globe felt he looked tentative when he landed after catching (and dunking) Rondo’s lob pass in the third quarter. Doc: “He’s still not ready for long minutes.”

KG sort of disagrees, according to this great quote in the Herald: “Y’all pray for me, cross your fingers, call (coach) Doc Rivers – start the ‘Give KG more minutes campaign,’ ” Garnett said. “I think (Rivers) is going by feel. It’s an open dialogue and we’re trying to figure it out as we go.”

• KG on the that alley-oop: “I came down laughing because it’s been a long time since I’ve had one from that far. But it felt good. Rondo and I have a pretty good communication on that play.”

• I suspect C’s fans will have varying reactions to this statement from Doc regarding Marbury’s three-pointer in the fourth quarter, per the Herald:

“There are going to be a lot of big shots for him,” coach Doc Rivers said. “He’ll get it. He’s going to win a big game in the playoffs for us, you just know that.”


• Pierce has gone three straight games without reaching double-figures in scoring. Personally, I think this great. Anytime you can ease the offensive burden on Pierce, it’s a good thing.

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