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I wanted to put this news update in a separate post, because I didn’t want it to get lost. Last night, Celtics Blog pointed us to this Scott Souza story indicating that Leon Powe may be further from returning than we previously thought–and may be out longer than Tony Allen. That’s news because Allen has said he’d like to come back a few games before the playoffs. So…when is Leon coming back? Has Jeff at CB points out this morning, Leon has undergone multiple knee surgeries, so there’s a chance this knee sprain could have more serious consequences for him or requires a more cautious timetable than it would for other players. 

Last night’s game reminds us why Leon can be so important to this team. During that scoring drought in the second quarter, nobody in the Bench Mob could finish around the rim or get to the foul line. As well as Big Baby has played lately, he goes through spells where he has major problems doing both of those things. Leon’s excellent at getting to the line, goes hot and cold as a finisher and makes up for those cold runs by consistently pounding the offensive glass. He’s a Drought-Stopper on that second line, and we need him.

Get well, Leon.

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