Post-game Reactions

Celtics 102, Grizz 92

I missed my first game of the season last night. The New York wing of Celtics Hub is in Philadelphia for the weekend visiting a friend about to head off to Afghanistan to do some freelance writing. He was kind enough humor my Celtics fanaticism by finding a South Philly sports bar (Chickie’s & Pete’s) that has an NBA League Pass subscription. 

We found two seats at the bar with a good viewing angle of four televisions–two showing the Sixers-Bulls game (the last game at the old Spectrum), one showing Villanova-Louisville in the Big East tournament and the other an ACC tourney game. I asked the bartender if he could switch the ACC over to the Celtics-Grizz. His response:

“You’re in the wrong place, man. This is Philly. You’re not getting the [flippin’] Celtics game on in here.”

He went on to explain that some mysterious television overlords controlled what each of the bar’s two dozen or so screens were showing, and that the staff actually had no input into such decisions. But even if they did, he said, it was unlikely that anyone would agree to have a Celtics game broadcast inside Chickie’s & Pete’s. 

You have to respect that, I guess. 

So I missed what will likely go down as Leon Powe’s career-high scoring game, the return of Rondo and Marbury’s first productive game with the Celtics. Nice work, boys. See you Sunday.

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