Post-game Reactions

Here’s a quick off-day Marbury news round-up:

• The C’s spent part of yesterday going over the rudiments of the offense with Stephon Marbury and Mikki Moore, according to the Herald. Leon Powe, Bill Walker and J.R. Giddens stepped in to run plays with the newbies. Afterward, Marbury vowed to get his game together, saying things will be “totally different” once he gets 10 games under his belt:

“Oh, man, I’ll be totally different,” he said. “My mind is sped up right now to learn everything that’s going on. Once I get the system and I start to understand the plays and the defensive sets and what we want out of the offense and the defense – once my game comes around – I think I’ll be way more at ease and my instincts will definitely take over.

“Mentally is the hard part. You’re trying to do all of the things that you normally do. It’s like my mind is thinking that I can do one thing, but my body’s telling me another thing because I’m just not there as far as having enough games under my belt.”

• And, in case you missed it, here’s Kelly Dwyer on Marbury yesterday at BDL:
Marbury is shooting 31 percent as a Celtic, with three assists to every two turnovers, and he’s yet to get to the free throw line in 56 minutes. Not a single free throw from the supposed slasher.

That’s pretty bad, even given the context of his return to game action. If this goes on for another week, the Celtics need to pick up a D-Leaguer. The player the C’s pick up might be minor league material, but minor leaguers won’t miss more than two-thirds of their shots from the field. And they’d manage to get to the line more than zero times in 56 minutes.

Too soon? Too strong? I don’t have the answers, but I agree that Steph in the lane right now looks like a pee-wee kid trying to take it strong against the high-school team. Does he need to get his legs under him, as the saying goes? Probably. Whether he contributes down the line depends on how long that takes, I guess.


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  • Jason

    On the offensive side, I think his problem has been being too unselfish (remember when the concern was being too selfish?). First, it seems he could break down the D anytime he wants, but he's not and I think there are two reasons. One, he probably only has the energy right now to do that a couple of times, not constantly, so he's conserving his play. Second, I think he's making a VERY concerted effort to run set offensive plays, which isn't a bad thing, but if you can blow by someone, do it.

    Even so, he has been in the lane a fair bit. But even with some chances to finish, he usually kicks out. A couple of times he did try to finish, missing a reverse and also having an admittedly embarrassing block. His outside shot hasn't gone down that much, but again I think he's thinking of it as a last resort, trying to run the offense, plus it's a small sample. As for some turnovers, he's stepped on the line a couple times and those two open court steals by Bynum were tackles, not clean steals. I can't believe no one has mentioned that. Rondo came in after that and Bynum hit him softer than he hit SM and they called a foul. Just another terribly sad example of terrible officiating.

    Anyway, maybe he's completely right about his legs, meaning that's all it is and it's not that he just doesn't have it anymore. Maybe he needs to get his handle back, his stamina back and his shot back. Seems like he could have been working out to keep those things up, if not game-sharp, though. By all accounts he seems to have a high bball-IQ so picking up the plays should come.

    As for defense, his effort seems to be there (maybe that's why his offense hasn't been explosive, too) and he even seems to be in front of guys contesting a lot. It just seems that a lot of guys have been draining contested shots over him or he's been asked to guard people he has no business guarding. Mostly it's been bad circumstance or bad luck. So I'm not that concerned. One thing that does seem weird to me is that he squats real low, which I think puts him on his heels and I've never seen anyone get so swallowed up in screens. He let's screeners get right up into him, making it an uphill battle to fight over them. He needs to add some slithery shiftiness to avoid that, yes like Rondo does (though I don't think Rondo's quite the stopper everyone paints him to be).

    All in all, I hope it's SM's legs and not just that he's lost it. IMO, he hasn't lost it because we have seen some very nice plays, both passing and finishing. Where he's screwed up, it's mostly been tentativeness, not lack of ability. Whether it's learning schemes, building stamina or just trying not to fail (instead of to trying to succeed), we should be closing in on a point where those issues should be settled and we are just left with evaluating Marbury and his game without qualifiers.

  • I hope you, and not Dwyer, are right, Jason. But I'm worried.

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