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NESN’s got themselves a nice little scoop: Team sources tell the network Rondo’s going to miss between seven and 10 days because of his ankle sprain. (H/T: Celtics Blog) The source says it’s just a precautionary measure. But with the C’s two games behind the Cavs in the loss column, any extended Rondo absence means we might want to get used to the idea of being the second seed. I know I have. But the third seed…that just seems wrong. (Note: if Rajon misses a week, he’ll miss a home game against the Grizzlies sandwiched between roadies against the Heat and Bucks). 

Onto less depressing news: Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, our  TrueHoop Network brothers at Forum Blue & Gold have come up with an anti-Celtics holiday t-shirt. Behold:

This is of course a response to the NBA’s not so well-thought-out Lakers St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt:

Now, we love F B&G here at Celtics Hub, but I think we could design a better anti-Lakers St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt. Let’s see the creative people among our readers go to work. 

Meanwhile, after the jump, read about Doc Rivers second-guessing his decision to start Stephon Marbury over Eddie House today.From the Globe’s blog: Rivers called the House-Marbury choice a “Catch-22,” and said he ultimately chose Steph because Marbury needs a crash course in the team’s offense if he’s going to contribute in the playoffs. Steph didn’t play well (three turnovers, no assists) and Doc kept him on the bench for all but about six minutes in the second half. Quoth the coach:

“It’s going to take time. The only way he’s going to get right is by playing.”

Meanwhile both the captain and the coach weren’t happy with the defensive effort tonight: 

“One thing that’s the mainstay of this team is the defense, and that wasn’t there,” Pierce said.

Said Rivers, “We’re picking and choosing right now a little bit in terms of our focus.”

Personally, it seemed like the C’s were having more trouble defending screen-rolls than usual, and they had no one who could match up with Rashard Lewis.

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  • Nick Van Exel

    Just look at all the brilliant ideas by Celtics fans. Hello?

  • RememberingRadja

    this isn't nearly as topical as it used to be, but how about a purple shirt with gold writing that says "No means No" with a picture of Kobe under it? or anything that demeans the lakers for allowing themselves to root for vujacic and morrisson?

  • Gripping, I passed this on to a aide of mine, and he actually bought me lunch because I found this for him, so let me rephrase: Thanks for lunch.