Post-game Reactions

Quick update on a couple of players courtesy of the Globe. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, Rajon Rondo is not playing today, and the Celtics offense is a disorganized mess early: 15 points and a big, fat nine turnovers in one quarter of play. 

Here’s Doc on Rondo before the game:

“It’s sore. It swelled up pretty bad,” Rivers said. “I don’t know right now [if Rondo will play]. I would say it’s doubtful. We’ll see.”

So we’ve got Steph starting (he knows “about three players,” Doc says) and havey minutes for Pruitt for the first time since his DUI arrest. Frankly, I’d rather have seen House start for Step (he hasn’t earned it), though I get Doc’s rationale that throwing Steph into the fire for extended minutes accelerates the learning curve. (Rivers: “This will get him a little closer to April, as crazy as it sounds.”)

Reporters tracked down KG, who was apparently a bit ornery: 

Garnett did not speak with reporters and was not in a communicative mood before today’s game – “Nothing to talk about, I’m hurting,” he said.

The Globe says KG would like to return a week from today, but Doc and the trainers seem to think that’s unrealistic. 

So…good news all around!

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