Post-game Reactions

Here’s some pictorial/statistical evidence for something we’ve all noticed in the last couple of weeks: Big Baby is shooting better.

Big Baby’s last five games, courtesy of NBA.com’s hot spots:

That’s 12-of-22 on jumpers (54.5 percent). And here’s Baby’s chart for the entire season:

That adds up to 49-of-121 on jumpers (excluding the threes), or 40 percent. Not good.

What’s also interesting here is that Baby has also been finishing a little better around the rim lately. For the season, as you see, he’s at 49 percent (57-of-116)–not really what you want out of a big guy. Earlier this month, Doc said Baby was having a difficult time finishing because he was going up expecting to get fouled instead of trying to finish strong. Maybe he was onto something. Baby’s never going to finish with the ferocity of Shaq or Nene, but he has been going up stronger lately and using the glass well. 

Word of caution: The numbers (on jumpers, at least) don’t really extend beyond the last five games. In his last 10 games, Baby is 14-of-28 on mid-range jumpers. That looks good, but it means he was just 2-of-6 in the first set of five games before hoisting ’em up in the last give. Still, if he can keep it up, the increased confidence will mean something come June.

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