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Quick update, courtesy of Cavs: The Blog, our True Hoop brother covering Cleveland: Joe Smith is apparently on his way to securing a buyout from the Thunder and, if that happens, will likely sign with Cleveland. Just last week, Smith was saying he was happy in Oklahoma City. Do you think maybe LeBron James placed a phone call after Ben Wallace broke his leg the other night? 

So, to repeat: The Celtics signed Mikki Moore, a player inferior in almost every way to Smith. Then they spent $1.3 million on a legendary head case who may or may not end up helping the team. 

The Cavs, meanwhile, may end up getting a steady big man with a decent jumper and a good hoops IQ. 

I have a bad feeling about this.

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  • Yo

    joe smith isnt what you make him out to be…really hes a revolving door on defense, cannot even attempt to guard KG, and is an average offesnsive player without alot of passion…I dont know why hes become some kind of mini hakeem olajuwon in celtics fans eyes…

    Honestly, not to be a jackass, but get over it…he wanted to go to cleveland all along (despite false reporting) he has a house in cleveland and played for them last year..we added Mikki Moore and Marbury to help us, not joe smith…not joe smith aka wilt chamberlain

  • @ Yo: nice. I didn't mean to overstate Joe Smith. I just think he'd fit in well (and be a lot better than Mikki)

  • Yo

    Yeah, most people think that…but I think we gotta just put that behind us and go to war with what we have…Im confident Mikki can bring what we need

  • EMF

    i agree smith is more of what the celtics needed..he is much closer to pj brown than mikki is but what's done is done

    agree with yo though smith will not be able to guard garnett leaving only sideshow bob to guard garnett