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So, it appears Mikki Moore will be a Celtic by the close of business today, according to the Globe. I opined last week that signing Moore was a bad idea, primarily because Joe Smith was a much, much better option. But Joe Smith now appears to be leaning toward staying in Oklahoma City (which I’ve heard is a nice town, actually).

So, Celtics fans, does that change the equation at all?

To me, it doesn’t. Mikki Moore, as of right now, is not a good professional basketball player. I don’t know him well enough has a player to know if he’s the kind of guy who will be rejuvenated (read: play harder) upon signing with a contender. Obviously, with Scal’s health a bit uncertain (too many injuries to the head/neck area), the Celtics need bodies to play minutes right now.

On the other hand, do you blow your mid-level dollars on a guy who’s going to play seven minutes in an April game but none in a playoff game? Because if Mikki Moore is as bad as the numbers say he’s been for the last two seasons, I don’t want that guy on the court in May and June.

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  • Mark

    Mikki is a guy who's capitalized on a career season where injuries basically forced the Nets to play him two years ago. He's absolutely useless away from the rim and given his size and athleticism he's a mediocre to poor rebounder and shot blocker. Can't see this guy playing a quality minute for the Cs in a big game, unless they've been completely decimated by injury.

  • Dave

    Another useless bench-warmer? Sounds like a nice addition to the team! Maybe he can massage Kevins knee and ego.